Powering banking solutions and business operations.

Power your digital banking and business applications with TeamApt’s secure, reliable, scalable payment infrastructure.

TeamApt’s Payment Infrastructure meets the highest standards of security, integrity, and stability with the right control mechanisms to ensure that the solution supports transaction processing, interbank transfers and direct debits, as well as switching services for both issuing and acquiring banks across all channels (POS, Web payment gateway, USSD payment, QR payment channel).

With fully automated reconciliation and automated handling of disputes and chargebacks, our Payment Infrastructure will provide a stable service which can be the backbone of your digital applications while helping reduce operational overhead.

Our Payment Infrastructure meets the highest standards of security, integrity, and stability. And we have the right control mechanisms to ensure it.

TeamApt’s Payment Infrastructure supports transaction processing for Issuer and acquirer processing services for real-time transactions via Web, POS, USSD or QR channels.

TeamApt’s Payment Infrastructure also provides intelligent transaction routing that provides banks with incredible cost saving on processing of On-Us card transactions, preventing deadlocks from occurring by ensuring that interdependent operations on the system are either all completed successfully or all canceled successfully.

Our Payment Infrastructure also ensures database integrity during transaction processing by guarding against hardware and software errors that might leave a transaction partially completed, recording intermediate states of the database as it is modified, then using these records to restore the database to a known state if a transaction cannot be committed.

Maintaining a world-class payment infrastructure for our clients is a high priority for TeamApt. Which is why we work closely together to ensure that our transaction processing services meet emerging customer needs and our clients can monitor, report and manage inflow of cash in real time or at their convenience.

Power interbank transfers, with instant credit to your beneficiaries, fully automated reconciliation and settlement with the Payment Infrastructure Interbank Transfers Service.

Provide better online self-service by offering your customers the ability to quickly and easily move funds to and from accounts at different financial institutions in a faster, less expensive and more convenient manner. Payment Infrastructure Interbank Transfers Service reduces manual processes for staff members in an organisation, eliminating paper forms typically used for these transactions.

Payment Infrastructure Interbank Transfers Service also provides a dispute portal for seamless end-to-end dispute resolution.

Supported by TeamApt’s Payment Infrastructure, Interbank Transfers is a solution which provides a more efficient way to gain deposits by more customers seeking for simpler processes which will in turn increase customer loyalty.
Interbank transfers features:

  • Single Transfers
  • Bulk Transfers
  • Name Inquiry
  • Single transfer status
  • Bulk transfers

Direct Debit service supported by our Payment Infrastructure allows for authorization by customers on collection of payments by banks and fintechs, initiating debits on customers accounts directly across partner banks.

This service provides an easy, reliable and cost effective way to charge customer’s accounts and can be used for:

  • Payment of Regular bills for variable amounts
  • Payment of Fixed subscriptions or memberships
  • Paying on account or spreading costs over a period of time
  • One-off payments as a substitute for instant transfer of funds

As a customer, making payments with our Direct Debits Service offers the following benefits:

  • Convenience - Payments are flexible and automatic, so bills are never forgotten, lost or delayed.
  • Cost - Businesses may offer incentives for paying by Direct Debit.
  • Customer Protection - it remains one of the safest and secure payment methods.

Make all your Bill, Airtime & Data payments in one place conveniently.

TeamApt’s Airtime & Data Payment service allows banks, fintechs and corporate organisations provide airtime and data purchasing services to their customers leveraging on our connection to the various network providers.

We provide both single and bulk services allowing airtime vending for one or one thousand customers with one simple request.

TeamApt’s bill payments service provides an easy to use API allowing you turn your digital banking or third party application into a one stop shop for payments to billers across the country.