An Aptian Culture

An Aptian Culture

Aptians build products that solve problems and create value. Value to us means delivering faster, cheaper and easier solutions for our customers. There isn’t a perfect process towards building the perfect solution, but to us, clarity, context and proper execution are key.

At TeamApt, we are no stickler for qualifications - a smart mind, a quick hand, an empathic heart, speaking up when things aren’t right and being the best at whatever you do are what makes the ideal Aptian.

How we work
Being an Aptian means you are a key part of our core mission of creating financial happiness for people and businesses. Our solutions revolve around helping customers pay, collect, manage and grow money. These customers highly depend on our solutions which means a lot is expected of you to build products the right way.

Small Teams, Huge Strides, Great Impacts
At TeamApt, we work in small cross-functional teams, each member is a leader in their own right and is given the authority to make decisions with a no-holds-barred creative approach towards problem-solving. This pattern has helped us as a company make huge strides and great impact within a short period.

Clarity & Context

We don’t build solutions only, we create financial happiness for our end users. A goal that can only be achieved when there is a clear understanding of who the customer is, who you are, and an in-depth knowledge of your role in the big picture. We insist on realism always and reward the doers.

10 great reasons to join our team

We recognize that our employees are central to the success of our company. The impact we have made so far and how much we want to evolve are attributed to the efforts put in daily by our employees, as they grow and shape their careers along the way. That is to say, we put our people first. Here are 10 great reasons to consider TeamApt Limited as yournext employer.